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Welcome to Lines Of Design, home to art finds and quirky little treasures

The Collection

We believe in offering our customers beautiful choices of one-of-a-kind and meaningful artwork, that truly speaks to them and at the same time support the small businesses of artists and makers that collectively make up Lines Of Design.

Our love for creativity has led us to become a source of a selective range of very specialized creative materials. We supply the local market with both wholesale and retail.

Our flagship is “Acrylic One,” a product line for which we are the exclusive distributor in Cyprus. We also stock “Clevercast” by CAVEX, a product used for body casting. Other materials such as quartz sand and crushed glass in a variety of colors are available as well. We also offer the service of creating customised molds using our customers’ prototypes with “FormBox” by MAYKU.

Creative Materials

Our Artists

Artists and makers, with their collective work, is what makes Lines Of Design. Each artist comes with their own essence, values, feelings and process. Their creations are simply the result of a long process of self-discovering, experimentation and hard work. They are the reason unique creations come to life, giving us the opportunity to have or gift unique works that help us communicate our thoughts and feelings, express our own aesthetics or celebrate our beliefs.


We always enjoy working together with our corporate clients in helping them find ways to express their message through art.

Contact us for a meeting to discuss ways in which we can help you communicate your business’ message through art.

Our Story

Lines Of Design was founded by Elena Gregoriou, to materialise her vision of creating a space that celebrates uniqueness and creativity.